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The Park & Ride car park at Nant Paris is located between Llanberis (for the Llanberis Path) and Pen y Pass (for the Pyg Track and Miners’ Track) on the B4086.

It is located just 3 miles (7 mins) down the pass from Pen y Pass, and 2 miles (5 mins) from Llanberis.

If the car park at Pen y Pass is full, or if drivers want a cheaper option, they are encouraged to use the Park & Ride facility.

The Park & Ride is served by the Sherpa bus service and primarily serves walkers on the Pyg Track and the Miners’ Track (which both start at Pen y Pass) but also those on the Llanberis Path (which starts at Llanberis).

Using the Parking Snowdonia app, it is possible to see in real time how many vacant car spaces there are in this car park.

Note that it is not possible to pre-book for the Park & Ride car park, nor to pre-book on the buses.

The Park & Ride car park has space for some 130 cars. When the car park gets full in the summer, the adjacent field is often opened for additional parking. (Please don’t park anywhere where it will obstruct buses coming in and turning at the turning circle.)

Minibuses can park at the Park & Ride car park as there are no height or length restrictions.

If you wish to park here for several days (because, for instance you’re staying at the Youth Hostel and won’t be needing your car), rather than having to go down daily, tickets can be purchased for multiple days. (If, for instance, if you are parking for three days, you can buy 3 tickets on your first day, and display them all on your windscreen; this will cover you.)


  • There are toilets here, open 24/7 (seasonally from about Easter to the end of October).
  • There is a drinking-water tap for filling bottles, etc.
  • There is a vehicle charging point here (next to the toilet block).
  • Note that there is no mobile phone signal here.

Parking prices

  • Daily parking rate at the Park & Ride car park costs £5, up to midnight (card only – ‘chip & pin’ or contactless).

The current high season Park & Ride service

– Park & Ride buses

The Park & Ride car park at Nant Peris lies between Llanberis (for the Llanberis Path) and Pen y Pass (for the Pyg Track and Miners’ Track). The Park & Ride is served by three Sherpa services:  the S5 is the dedicated Park & Ride service to Pen y Pass (weekends and school holidays only) and the S1 and S2 additionally call there.

  • Together, the S1, S2 and S5 buses link the Park & Ride car park with Pen y Pass at 15-minute intervals (weekends and school holidays, otherwise it’s every 30 minutes).  Llanberis is linked with the Park & Ride and with Pen y Pass by a 30-minute service.
  • The first bus leaves the Park & Ride for Pen y Pass at 07:15 (S1); the last return bus from Pen y Pass to the Park & Ride leaves  at 19:30 (S1).
  • The first bus leaves the Park & Ride for Llanberis at 07:40 Mon-Fri (S1) and at 08:10 at weekends (S2); the last return bus from Llanberis to the Park & Ride leaves at 18:40 (S2).

(The bus interchange at Llanberis is across the road from the train station, and about 80m towards the village. There are bus shelters there – see the picture below.)

The bus interchange at Llanberis – you can’t miss it

– Download Park & Ride high season timetables

– Bus fares

Bus fares from the Park & Ride to either Pen y Pass or Llanberis:

    • £2 for an adult single (£3 return)
    • £1.50 for a child single (£2 return)
    • If you have a Welsh concessionary travel card, this can be used.

Buses accept both cash and contactless card payments, and dogs are allowed on all buses (provided they are on the floor).


There is a taxi rank at the Park & Ride, where local taxis often wait. This can be particularly useful out of high season when buses are far less frequent.

The full Sherpa service

For details of how the Sherpa bus service links with Snowdon’s other main paths, and for details of the full Sherpa service and timetables, see here.

Part of the Park & Ride car park, with toilets

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