Walking alone on Snowdon

Some people enjoy walking on their own, or maybe have no other option.

Beyond the usual requirements of safety, fitness and what to take with you, if you are going to walk up Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) on your own, it’s worth bearing some extra safety points in mind:

  • Let someone else know what you’re doing, where you’re going, and what sort of time you’ll be back.
  • Stick to a main path, and choose a day and time when you know there will be other people around. (Should anything then happen, such as you twisting your ankle, assistance won’t be too far away.)
  • Choose a day when the weather is favourable; that way, less is likely to go wrong.
  • Make sure you’ve got your mobile phone and a whistle with you.
  • Say ‘hi’ to people along the way. If you’d actually like some company, you may end up tagging along and making some good new friends.
  • Just be that little bit more careful than normal.

As hinted at above, if you’re on your own but would actually prefer company, most groups would be very happy for you to tag along – just ask them at the bottom of the path (though chose your group carefully with regard to likely pace and your personal safety). You’ll likely make good friends.

Finally, we advise against walking alone in winter conditions, when it is potentially more dangerous and there are far fewer people on the paths.

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