Large group walks and events

Large groups

If you’re planning on taking a large group up Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa), you will need to consider which path is best for larger numbers (we’d recommend the Llanberis Path) and what other facilities you might need. There is some very useful advice in the National Park’s Snowdon Code of Conduct (.pdf download).

If your event is also raising money for charity, have a look at the charity walks page.

Running an event?

In 2022 the Snowdonia National Park Authority launched an online system for event registration, aimed at encouraging event organisers to consider spreading their activities on Snowdon across the season, and to share the right messaging regarding mountain safety, sustainable transport and waste and litter control.

Links are available from the S.N.P.A. website:

The Snowdon Race

Runners at Bwlch Glas

A growing number of race events are held on Snowdon every year.

Some go fairly unnoticed because the runners are so spread out, having already covered some distance before tackling Snowdon.

However, the event which has the biggest impact on the mountain is the Snowdon Race, an elite international race held every year in mid-July.

The hundreds of runners start together in Llanberis, then run up and down the Llanberis Path. The top of the mountain, above Bwlch Glas, is always busy anyway, as several of the paths join the Llanberis Path here, but with the race on it can get very congested.

If you can, it is best to avoid the mountain on the date of the race; in 2023 it will be held on Saturday 15 July.

(If you’re interested, the record stands at 1 hr 2 mins and 29 secs!  The women’s record stands at 1 hr 12 mins and 48 secs.  You can read more – or apply! – at

No closure of paths

Races can include any of the six main paths, and do. Note that no paths are closed, even if there is a race on, which is actually fairly frequently during the summer. (They’re public Rights of Way, so closure is not an option.) This includes the International Snowdon Race up and down the Llanberis Path in mid-July.

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