Charity walks

A group by Clogwyn bridge (clearly not enjoying it at all)

Many people walk up Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) to raise money for a particular charity. Sometimes it’s a person doing it on their own, but more often it’s small groups of people.

Every year millions of pounds is raised by people walking up Snowdon, which is totally brilliant.

One of the problems associated with charity walks is that the date is often set long in advance, and there is, of course, no knowing what the weather will be like, even in the height of summer.

However, it is recommended that you choose a time between mid-April and mid-October if you want to be fairly sure of avoiding winter conditions on the mountain.

That said, resist the temptation to take risks in the name of charity stunts. Fancy dress is often skimpy by nature, and rucksacks are often dispensed with as it spoils the look. One man who walked up as Superman in the summer was wearing so little that at the summit he had to be treated for hypothermia. Charity stunts like walking barefoot, etc. are also very unwise and are likely to result in injury.

People often feel under pressure to reach the summit (that’s what they’ve been sponsored to do, after all) when conditions on the mountain are poor, such that pressing on to the summit would be both unwise and unsafe. As disappointing as it is, in these instances, it is better to turn back and get down safely. Your sponsors will understand and still pay up.

Hint – rather than carrying a bucket up to collect extra cash (which is heavy and fewer people carry cash these days), why not use a card reader? – There’s a good mobile signal most of the way up the Llanberis Path and at the summit. Or why not publicise a web address where people can donate afterwards?

If your charity group is large, please see the page on large group walks and events.

You can read what Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team say about charity events on their website here.

A team in ‘The Big Push’ wheelchair race.

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