Y Lliwedd

(Pronounced a bit like ‘Uh Thloo-weth’ – as in ‘weather’)

Y Lliwedd is the twin-peaked summit to the south-east of Snowdon’s summit and is seen to good advantage from the Pyg and Miners’ Tracks.

It forms the southern half of the Snowdon Horseshoe, but can be undertaken separately as a route either up to Snowdon’s summit from Llyn Llydaw on the MIners’ Track, or down from the summit to Llyn Llydaw. It is much easier than the northern (Crib Goch) half of the Horseshoe, with nowhere near the same danger or exposure.

Y Lliwedd and the ascent from the Miners’ Track at Llyn Llydaw

This route of Y Lliwedd, as an alternative route from Llyn Llydaw to the summit, is a very rewarding one, joining the upper part of the Watkin Path a little before the steep section to the summit. If descending from the summit of Y Lliwedd in this direction, there are small cairns to follow but the path becomes a bit braided the further you descend. Try and keep to the right so that you join the Watkin path at the ridge, at Bwlch Ciliau; if you head too far to the left you’ll then have to additionally ascend some of the Watkin Path to reach Bwlch Ciliau.

In reverse (i.e. from Snowdon summit down to Llyn Llydaw – a more popular direction), the route initially descends on the upper part of the Watkin Path to Bwlch Ciliau, before then ascending equally as steeply up Y Lliwedd. The path up is reasonably clear and marked at intervals with small cairns until the twin summits are reached. Having passed these twin peaks, the path continues on to Lliwedd Bach, to then descend to join the Miners’ Track at Llyn Llydaw.

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