The Google Trekker (Streetview)

A few years ago, all six main routes up Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) were mapped using the Google Trekker, the outdoor portable version of StreetView, meaning that they can be ‘walked’ in detail online.

It’s great for getting the feel of a path, or if you want to check out a particular section of a path that you’re unsure about.

To view a path, click on the link below, then drag the little yellow man (bottom right) onto the relevant path, as you would with StreetView. Then use the arrows to ‘walk’ up or down the path.

Note:  Where the path is well defined you can simply click the path ahead to proceed along it. Where the path is less well defined and the software struggles to recognise it, use the map in the box (bottom left – this can also be expanded) and click ahead on the path here.

The Llanberis Path
The Pyg Track
The Miners’ Track
The Watkin Path
Rhyd Ddu Path
Snowdon Ranger Path

The Google Trekker at the summit   (© SNPA)

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