Leaving Memorials

We fully understand why people would want to leave memorials to loved ones at a place like the summit of Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa); even more so if the mountain itself was special to them.

However, memorials are not natural in the wild environment, and in time deteriorate and just become unsightly litter, so are not encouraged. In fact, the Authority has a stated policy of removing plaques and memorials from Snowdon.

As regards the leaving or scattering of ashes, this too should be avoided as ashes change the fragile soil’s natural low acidic ‘ph’ level, encouraging the growth of non-indigenous vegetation. This is clearly not appropriate on Snowdon where much of the land is designated as an SSSI (a Site of Special Scientific Interest) or an NNR (a National Nature Reserve).

Moreover, given the usual crowds and lack of privacy at the summit, other peaks or areas might be felt more appropriate, though permission from the landowner should still always be sought before scattering ashes (virtually all of Snowdon is private land), and the previous note regarding areas of conservation still applies.

Alternatively, a loved one can be acknowledged by making a donation to the Park Authority, specifically to help with the upkeep of areas within the National Park.

For more, see the National Park Authority’s statement on memorials and scattering ashes.

Ashes scattered at the summit

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