Catching the train down

A train approaches the summit

When do the trains run?

The Snowdon Mountain Railway normally runs from Llanberis to the summit of Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) between early May and the end of October, weather permitting. The spring service, which starts about a month earlier than this, usually sees trains running to Clogwyn (¾ of the way up, and a mile from the summit)  For much of its route the railway is fairly close to the Llanberis Path, which passes under the line in a couple of places.

Trains are currently running only to Clogwyn and will hopefully return to the summit on 24 June 2023, weather permitting.

Trains to and from Clogwyn

When trains run only as far as Clogwyn, sometimes people want to catch the train up to there, then walk the final mile to the summit. This is possible, and you should buy a single ticket to Clogwyn. If you have a return ticket it will be for a return on the same train, something you won’t be able to do if walking to the summit.

If you want to catch the train down from Clogwyn, you may hit lucky and find a space on a train, but this can’t be relied on, especially in good weather, so you should be prepared, if necessary, to walk all the way back down to Llanberis.

2023 fares :  a single adult ticket to/from Clogwyn is £22  (£32 return).

Trains to and from the summit

People sometimes ask if it’s possible, having walked up to the summit, to catch the train down. Yes, it is possible to buy a one-way ticket down, and if you want to do this you should inquire at the ticket office on the platform. However, there is no guarantee that there will be any spare space on the next train (it’s a single carriage), especially in good weather.

Note that dogs are not permitted on the train (except assistance dogs).

2023 fares :  a single adult ticket to/from the summit is £28  (£38 return).

When trains run to the summit, passengers only have 30 minutes at the summit, then have to return on the same train if they have a return ticket. If you are walking up and have planned to meet specific train passengers at the summit, this therefore calls for fairly good timing.

Can I buy a return ticket, but walk up and use the return ticket down?

You can, but you will have to pre-book, often days in advance, to be sure of a ticket. Moreover, you will need to be sure that you are at the summit in time to catch your particular train down (your ticket is valid for just that train, which will leave the summit 90 minutes after departure from Llanberis). However, due to sometimes unpredictable weather on the mountain, the railway cannot guarantee that trains will reach their destination on that particular day, so it can be a gamble.

Booking for the train

Advance bookings need to be made online. If there are any available tickets on the day, they will be sold from the ticket office in Llanberis from 8.30 a.m.  These often sell out very quickly, so it’s always best to pre-book online to avoid disappointment.

More detail, including times, prices and booking, can be found on the Snowdon Mountain Railway website.

The Llanberis Path, from start to summit, with Clogwyn (a mile from the summit) arrowed. The railway is also marked.   (Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2023)

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