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Sherpa winter timetables

The Sherpa bus service, including the Park & Ride service to/from Nant Peris, is now operating its winter timetable. Needless to say, buses are less frequent on all routes, especially on the Park & Ride service, which is now two-hourly. Download the winter timetables here.

Trains due to return to the summit in 2023

The Snowdon Mountain Railway company has stated that the 2023 service will restart in April, with trains running initially to Clogwyn, as is normal. They are aiming to run trains to the summit from 13 May, weather permitting. See more on their website here.

‘Yr Wyddfa’ (rather than ‘Snowdon’)

In mid-November a meeting of the Snowdonia National Park Authority confirmed their intention to only use the names ‘Yr Wyddfa’ for Snowdon and ‘Eryri’ for Snowdonia in the future. However, it will be a gradual transition, with their current policy (using the Welsh names first with the English names in brackets) continuing for the time being. You can read more about this on the National Park website. (By the way, you will see that the name ‘Yr Wyddfa’ appears on most pages on this website, and is the name of choice on our blog pages.)

Full fibre broadband at the summit

There is already a good 4G mobile signal at the summit, but BT Openreach are currently in the process of connecting Hafod Eryri, the summit building, to the Llanberis exchange with full fibre broadband, (Inside, the mobile signal is very poor.) This will run underground in a culvert as new poles are not permitted on the mountain.

Due to completion by the spring, it will allow the likes of contactless payments in the cafe, and a small mobile communications mast will provide emergency mobile coverage for mountain rescue services.

You can read a news report here.

A plastic-free Snowdon?

Following a consultation period, the National Park Authority has appointed a ‘plastic-free Yr Wyddfa’ officer. The plan is to create a clear and ambitious strategy to reduce the amount of waste on Yr Wyddfa’s paths and help businesses to transition from single-use plastics. You can read more about the background to this plan here.

4G signal on its way at Rhyd Ddu?

A new 4G mast has been erected behind Rhyd Ddu station. The aim is to improve connectivity for the emergency services  and allow 999 calls on this western side of the moutain. It is not clear when – or indeed if – it will ultimately be available for normal calls; such a move would considerably improve communications on both the Rhyd Ddu Path and Snowdon Ranger Path.

Railway maintenance near the summit

Hafod Eryri, the summit building, has been closed all season due to track maintenance. Between Allt Goch and the summit, a long section of complete relaying has taken place, and is now complete.

Improved signage for Crib Goch

Plans are in hand to place further signage near Bwlch y Moch on the Pyg Track to stop people accidentally heading up Crib Goch, thinking that it is the main route up to Snowdon. (This usually happens when people blindly follow those in front.)

Path maintenance on the Watkin Path

Funding is now in place to see the work continuing laying steps on the upper part of the Watkin Path. However, the contractor is currently working elsewhere so nothing will be happening immediately.

Path maintenance on Allt Maenderyn (the South Ridge)

A line of helibags has been placed near the top of Allt Maenderyn (the South Ridge) where the path here is being improved. Although not one of the 6 main paths up Snowdon, this route forms part of the Cambrian Way.

Path maintenance in Cwm Llan

The National Trust (the landowner) is currently upgrading the section of path between Bwlch Cwm Llan and the old tramway. A line of helibags marks the location. This route is used if returning from Allt Maenderyn (the South Ridge) to the lower Watkin Path, and forms part of the Cambrian Way.

Cwm Dyli pipeline maintenance

Walkers on the Miners’ Track between Pen y Pass and Llyn Teyrn this season will have noticed site works and the haul roads laid down to the hydro pipeline which runs from Llyn Llydaw to Cwm Dyli power station. This maintenance work (on the concrete supports and ‘saddles’) will take at least a couple of years, though has been suspended over the winter and the contractor has currently moved totally off site.

Bwlch Maesgwm loop path upgrade

The Right of Way directly linking the bottom of the Llanberis Path to the Bwlch Maesgwm bridleway is currently being considerably upgraded and improved. To see more about this route and this specific section, see our Bwlch Maesgwm page.

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