Y Gribin

The Gribin ridge (‘Y Gribin’ means ‘the ridge’) runs from Glaslyn up to Cribau and Bwlch y Saethau. (It should not be confused with another ridge of the same name on the Glyderau, near Llyn Idwal, leading up to Glyder Fawr.)

It is usually approached from the Miners’ Track, where the Afon Glaslyn is crossed at Glaslyn’s outflow. The height gain from here to the top of the ridge is about 200m, and for much of its length a smooth path can be followed on the rock where others have gone before. At the top it joins the Watkin Path, where a circular route can be made by either heading left over Y Lliwedd and back down to Llyn Llydaw, or right up the last part of the Watkin Path up to the summit, returning by the Pyg Track.

Y Gribin, viewed from the Pyg Track

It should be pointed out that this route is a grade 1 scramble. It largely follows the top of the ridge, so gives a feeling of exposure. This route should not be undertaken lightly, any more than Crib Goch would be, and it is recommended that it only be undertaken when the rock is dry and there is little wind. However, the rock is good underfoot, and you’re not likely to meet anyone else on this route.

Looking up Y Gribin from the lower end

A good description of the route can be found on this external website.

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