Snowdon for beginners & first-timers

Everyone who has walked up Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) had a first time. However, many first-timers are not regular hill or mountain walkers, if walkers at all – but they nevertheless usually manage it successfully.

If you’re a regular mountain person, you can probably skip this page and go straight to ‘Preparing to walk up Snowdon’.

However, if you’re one of those people who has little or no experience of the mountain environment, we would make the following recommendations:

    • Although some people like to walk alone, this is not a good idea if you are a novice to mountain walking. If you don’t have anyone else to go up with, you might consider hiring a guide. However, the paths are all well defined.
    • It’s vital that you are ready for the weather on Snowdon, which can be very different from the foot of the mountain, and far more changeable. As a novice to mountain walking, we would recommend that you walk up during the summer months, and definitely not in winter conditions. Even though the paths are likely to be busier in the summer, this is when the weather is likely to be more favourable and you will be safer. Read more about the weather here, including links to good forecast websites.
    • All the main paths are well defined on the ground and easy to follow in good visibility. In fact, they’re mostly easy to follow even in poorer visibility. (However, if you’re on a path which joins another on the way up, make a note of where this is so that you can turn off on the way down, if returning by the same path.)
    • Depending on what day or time of year you choose, there will likely be plenty of other people around. However, don’t just follow others blindly; they might have something else in mind and are not going to the summit, or they might have strayed off the path.
    • Remember to drink frequently in warm weather; you can’t afford to get dehydrated.
    • Allow plenty of time, and pace yourself. You may need to take frequent breaks, and don’t expect to be walking up Snowdon at your normal walking pace on the level. Don’t forget too that once you’ve got to the top, you’ve then got to get down – all the more reason for reserving some energy and drink for the return.
    • People are friendly on Snowdon, and it’s normal to say ‘hi’ to others. If you’re not sure about anything, such as the way back down, or whether you’re on the right path, don’t be afraid to ask those around you.

Some of the above are also included on our ‘Preparing for Snowdon’ page, which we would recommend you read.

The approach to the summit – in the summer there are always people around

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