Easiest route up Snowdon

Which is the easiest route up Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa)?

There are 6 main paths up Snowdon, and all of them are different, with various pros and cons, depending on your experience and what you want to get out of your walk.

That said, the Llanberis Path is generally considered to be the easiest, followed by the Snowdon Ranger Path (both are bridleways) as neither has any narrow or exposed sections, nor are hands needed at any point. They are both just long uphill walks with some steepish sections, though the path is good underfoot.

However, please don’t make light of the challenge. This is, after all, a mountain, and of all the main paths on Snowdon, the Llanberis Path is the one which Mountain Rescue are called to most.

Bikes and even horses can use the Llanberis Path

You can get all the information you need about the paths by clicking on the comparing the paths tab, and then looking at the individual paths in detail.

This website will give you information and answers to every aspect of planning a walk up Snowdon, from where to park, which path to take, toilets, the weather, what to wear and take, fitness, safety, and so much more.

Halfway Bridge on the Llanberis Path

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